Powering Bitcoin - Bitcoin & Energy

Powering Bitcoin - Bitcoin & Energy

Powering Bitcoin is a podcast that delves into bitcoin mining and exciting projects, utilizing hash rate production to unlock new potentials in the broader energy industry. From details about innovative mining operations to exciting applications powered by classic energy resources, we’ll discuss the various ways the Bitcoin network is powered and its impact on the environment. Join us as we talk with industry experts, researchers, and thought leaders to understand how Bitcoin is shaping the future of power and investigate the energy challenges and opportunities Bitcoin and its ecosystem bring to the table.

Whether you are an industry professional, thought leader, or new to the game, each episode will offer new perspectives as we interview experts in their fields to discuss mining trends, explore technical applications of Bitcoin Mining, and shine a light on financial aspects as well!

Most Episodes will be in English, and some will be produced in German. Each will have a label indicating the language in the title.

Bitcoin doesn’t use enough energy! Hit play and find out why!



2 seasons 15 episodes First episode published on Apr 11, 2022