Miss Aurra, Zimbabwe: Bitcoin Changed My Whole Life
Ep. 83

Miss Aurra, Zimbabwe: Bitcoin Changed My Whole Life

Episode description

Today’s episode is the start of a new series about Bitcoin in Africa. I have been traveling to Zimbabwe and Botswana in February 2020 to find out if and how Bitcoin is known and used there. When I left the African continent at the beginning of March it was unclear how the pandemic is going to change the economical situation of countries that were already in a deep crisis like Zimbabwe or Nigeria and how it would affect the adoption of bitcoin in Subsaharan countries. With the upcoming episodes I want to give you insights into African nations such as Senegal, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. This episodes topic is Zimbabwe. My guest is Miss Aurra. She is a digipreneur and the principal of St. Anne’s school in the country’s capital Harare.

  • Current situation in Zimbabwe
  • Monetary repercussions
  • Governments ban of EcoCash
  • Shortages of basic supply goods
  • Corruption and mismanagement
  • Zimbabwean Lives Matter movement
  • Coronavirus situation
  • School shut down and distance learning
  • Her first experience using bitcoin
  • Getting into trouble for using Bitcoin
  • How Zimbabweans use bitcoin