Rarescrilla: Bitcoin Enables New Art Forms
Ep. 117

Rarescrilla: Bitcoin Enables New Art Forms

Episode description

Rarescrilla is a hip-hop musician and producer, who joined the cryptomusic journey in 2014 and created DJ PEPE in 2016 with a first of its kind access token based on the Counterparty platform, which is extending Bitcoin’s functionality. In 2020 he dropped the “Sound Money” album, a niche hip hop themed bitcoin album. Now he is into programmable music, where the owners of music layers control the output, which makes it living art and music.

  • Rarescrilla’s Bitcoin journey
  • First NFTs in 2014? Early days and now?
  • Impact of current NFT “craze” on the art and music space
  • Path to adoption
  • Why Rarescrilla is focusing on Bitcoin
  • Future of NFTs on Bitcoin
  • Sound Money album and upcoming projects