Philippe Bekhazi: Bitcoin Mining in Practice
Ep. 101

Philippe Bekhazi: Bitcoin Mining in Practice

Episode description

My guest is Philippe Bekhazi, he is the CEO of XBTO Group a company active in market-making, OTC trading, venture capital, and Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Our main topic is Bitcoin mining. XBTO Group is runnning a mining facility that is powered by electricity generated from Niagara Falls. Philippe Bekhazi is also the CEO of Stablehouse a regulated market-leading stablecoin platform bridging centralized and decentralized finance enabling payments, foreign exchange, trading and treasury for people and institutions.

  • Philippe Bekhazi’s Bitcoin story
  • Counterparty risks
  • Proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake mining
  • Bitcoin mining at Niagara Falls
  • Energy consumption of PoW mining – problem?
  • Miner centralization in China?
  • Do miners have an effect on the price of Bitcoin
  • Mining profitability
  • Future of Bitcoin