Nigerian Feminist Coalition: Bitcoin Is Power
Ep. 88

Nigerian Feminist Coalition: Bitcoin Is Power

Episode description

I am thrilled to have Damilola Odufuwa and Ire Aderinokun Co-Founders of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition as my guests today.

If you are following the developments in Africa, then you have heard of the #EndSARS movement. A protest movement against police brutality in Nigeria. When the central bank banned the Nigerian Feminist Coalition from using the traditional financial infrastructure to collect donations, they started using Bitcoin to fund their activities. Let’s hear from Dami and Ire how they did that and how the current situation looks like.

“One thing I realized in our lockdown in Lagos was a lot of people were like, ‘I’d rather die of Covid than die of hunger’ and that really put things in perspective there is a lot of poverty and sometimes for ta poor person they’d rather risk catching this disease than not have any food for my family.” – Damilola Odufuwa

“[During the protests] We had previously spoken about how Bitcoin is good because your government may shut your bank account down but it was all sort of theoretical but in the last month we were actually living through this. All this stuff we have been saying is actually true and we should be putting a lot of our money or at least enough where you can survive and control it.” – Ire Aderinokun


  • How they found Bitcoin
  • Main characteristics of Nigeria
  • Economical situation
  • Financial inclusion
  • Women’s rights and their financial situation
  • Human rights, gay rights
  • How they used bitcoin for their donations
  • Bitcoin use-cases in Nigeria
  • The Future of Bitcoin in Africa