Nic Carter: Bitcoin Disrupts Our Politicized Financial Infrastructure
Ep. 79

Nic Carter: Bitcoin Disrupts Our Politicized Financial Infrastructure

Episode description

Nic Carter is a Bitcoiner with a financial and philosophical background. I wanted to have him on the show for a long time. He is thoughtful and interesting to talk to as you will hear. We touch on some of his favourite topics like Bitcoin metaphysics, crypto-dollarization, historical references to free banking and the future of privacy and surveillance in the digital era.

“Bitcoin is no one’s liability. There’s no one that guarantees the value of that Bitcoin. People say that’s a weakness. That’s actually a strength. That means there’s no situation where the backer of that Bitcoin could withdraw their backing. The backing of Bitcoin comes from the fact that the market, as this collective view, the Bitcoin is worth whatever it’s worth. I would put Bitcoin in the category of liability-free collateral. Which is similar to gold or another monetary commodity.” – Nic Carter


  • His personal Bitcoin story
  • Bitcoin metaphysics
  • The genuine Bitcoin?
  • Consciousness and persistence
  • Cash and Bitcoin privacy
  • The global financial surveillance apparatus created by the US
  • Crypto-Dollarization and stablecoins
  • Tether and bitcoin backed stablecoins
  • Scottish free banking system
  • Reprivatisation of the issuance of money
  • Scottish pound
  • Kraken Financial a chartered bank in Wyoming
  • Proof-of-Reserves, full reserve bank