Lisa Neigut: Bitcoin Is Mind-Boggling Cool and How She Became a C-Lightning Developer
Ep. 39

Lisa Neigut: Bitcoin Is Mind-Boggling Cool and How She Became a C-Lightning Developer

Episode description

Lisa Neigut is an engineer and developer at Blockstream working on c-lightning. We met at the Lightning Conference in Berlin in October 2019 and talked about a variety of topics ranging from quantum experiments, Bitcoin in general, stocks as currency, to the future of the Lightning Network. Before that she was working at Squarecash and at Etsy as an Android developer. People who want to start a career in programming and technology should listen to her story of how she got hired as a lightning developer without fitting the profile.

“People should be able to make deals between themselves.” – Lisa Neigut

“Reading ‘Mastering Bitcoin‘ was just mind-boggling cool!” – Lisa Neigut

We talk about:

  • Her sideprojects
  • Quantum experiments
  • Squarecash / CashApp
  • Merkle Trees
  • Nakamoto Consensus
  • Time roll over bug, Unix epoch
  • Anonymous digital cash
  • Decentralized finance
  • Buzzwords and Meaning
  • Lightning Network
  • Lightning x liquidity
  • Dual funding
  • Future of the Lightning Network
  • Onion packets
  • Shops using Lightning payments
  • Libra
  • When currencies fail
  • Stock as a currency
  • Live coding on Twitch


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