Johannes Zweng: Lightning - The Future of Payments
Ep. 136

Johannes Zweng: Lightning - The Future of Payments

Episode description

My guest is Johannes Zweng, software developer and backend engineer at Coinfinity, Austria’s first bitcoin broker. Johannes and I are walking through new techniques enabling future use cases of Bitcoin. How Taproot upgrades our privacy, how lightning invoices will allow us to walk through a retail store and get everything we buy delivered just by scanning QR codes.

– Johannes Zweng’s Bitcoin story
– How Bitcoin changed his thinking
– new features enabled by Taproot
– Schnorr signatures
– Taproot’s Lightning improvements
– Lightning optimizations
– new possibilities static QR codes, refunds, sending text via LN
– Lightning Address
– proof of payer, recurring payments, payment flows
– examples how friction less we’ll pay in the future