Jukka Blomberg: LocalBitcoins in Latin America
Ep. 90

Jukka Blomberg: LocalBitcoins in Latin America

Episode description

My guest is Jukka Blomberg, Chief Marketing Officer at LocalBitcoins, the biggest peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace in the world. With 6 million customers and operations in 189 countries LocalBitcoins is a global company with insights into the development of the Bitcoin space for every continent. We discuss the trading volume of Bitcoin in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and the different use-cases for Bitcoin in different regions of the world.


  • Investing in stocks in China compared to Bitcoin
  • What makes Bitcoin special
  • Bitcoin in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina
  • LocalBitcoins’ trading volumes 2020
  • What are the important trends that are emerging in the world of cryptocurrency?
  • LocalBitcoins’ plans for 2021