Guy Swann: Bitcoin Is a Revolution With Historical Impact
Ep. 73

Guy Swann: Bitcoin Is a Revolution With Historical Impact

Episode description

Guy Swann is the host of the Bitcoin Audible podcast, where he is reading Bitcoin articles and essays by different authors. In 2011 he found out about Bitcoin. Back then Guy used money he did not have to buy Bitcoin, just to watch it loosing it’s value in the following bear market. For him, this was not the moment for an exit, it was the moment, when he really started to investigate and learn what Bitcoin is.


  • Why he started his podcast Bitcoin Audible
  • His Bitcoin story
  • The real value proposition of Bitcoin
  • Digital scarcity
  • The Bitcoin Reformation by Tuur Demeester
  • Lightning as a global payments network
  • The Bitcoin renaissance
  • The agricultural revolution
  • From decentralization to monopolies back to decentralization
  • Bitcoin will change internet business models
  • Coping with bull and bear markets
  • What he would put inside an ad
  • Filtering through Bitcoin information

I truly think that what we saw as changes from the printing press and the oil revolution may very well be an understatement of the potential impact that Bitcoin could have on the world when you’re looking out 30 to 50 years. And like you said earlier, it’s about having patience because we need to make sure that we don’t lose what makes this thing so revolutionary. – Guy Swann

Now that we finally have real value in the digital space and we can build open source permissionless payment systems and contract systems and ownership systems on top of this, I think it is going to change all of the models that we’re used to on the internet and open up access to so many things that just didn’t quite work before. – Guy Swann