Gigi: Bitcoin From Speculative Asset to Savings Technology
Ep. 67

Gigi: Bitcoin From Speculative Asset to Savings Technology

Episode description

My guest today is Gigi a software developer and computer scientist. Gigi wrote “21Lessons”, a book in which he shares his learnings from falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Two years ago he quit his job and started to work solely in the Bitcoin space.

“Bitcoin already has all three functions of money. It is a store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” – Gigi

“As I see Bitcoin evolve, I think it will be a global settlement layer for something approximating central banks. And since it’s obviously superior to gold and every other form of money we had, like Bitcoin is by far the best money we ever had.” – Gigi

Our topics include:

  • Building reputation in the Bitcoin space
  • All mistakes he made
  • How to educate people about Bitcoin
  • The different entry points to Bitcoin
  • Explaining scarcity
  • The three functions of money
  • Bitcoinization will happen in 10 years
  • Lightning Network adoption and usability
  • Why Bitcoin does not “move fast and break things”
  • Current technical developments in Bitcoin
  • Messaging on top of Bitcoin