Exiledsurfer: Building a Permissionless Future with Sovryn
Ep. 119

Exiledsurfer: Building a Permissionless Future with Sovryn

Episode description

Exiledsurfer is an early Bitcoiner, a Co-founder of Parallele Polis and now part of the communications team of Sovryn a Bitcoin-native DeFi platform. We’re talking about the historical developments and the roots of Bitcoin as a Hippie activists Utopia coming true, the community discussions around the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and who the real enemies of Bitcoin are. Tldr: it’s companies like Coinbase.

  • exiledsurfer’s Bitcoin story
  • The Bitcoin Foundation
  • Early history and different mindsets of the Bitcoin community
  • Original promises of Bitcoin
  • Nation state actors coming into mining
  • 21st century paradigm: Government identity vs. cryptographic identities not tied to personal data
  • Bitcoin’s USP has been confirmed
  • Bitcoin a Hippie activists utopia
  • Cypherpunk ethos
  • Companies like Coinbase are a threat to Bitcoin, not governments
  • Sovryn’s idea and goals
  • SOV token and governance
  • KYC rant
  • Sovryn hackathon