DeFi & Smart Contracts On The Bitcoin Network?! - Gabriel Kurman
Ep. 149

DeFi & Smart Contracts On The Bitcoin Network?! - Gabriel Kurman

Episode description

My guest is Gabriel Kurman, Co-founder of the Rootstock protocol “RSK”, which is a merge-mined Bitcoin sidechain enabling smart contracts. Smart contracts on Bitcoin, won’t this make many Altcoins obsolete? I’m asking Gabriel about this too. We’re also discussing Money on Chain a decentralized stablecoin on Bitcoin.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:00 – Brief Introduction to Gabriel
00:01:52 – Anita welcomes Gabriel
00:02:19 – The next LaBitconf conference in Argentina
00:03:49 – Who is Gabriel and how did he become a Bitcoiner?
00:07:25 – How Rootstock started
00:13:20 – Will Altcoins become obsolete?
00:15:13 – How secure is Rootstock since it works with Ethereum virtual machine?
00:21:54 – Use cases of stablecoins
00:22:25 – Gabriel explains how stablecoins aren’t really stable
00:30:55 – How to send Dollar On Chain anywhere in the world via Rootstock using smart contracts
00:36:44 – How to convert Dollar on Chain to cash, for example USD in Africa.
00:46:55 – Is Stacks a Bitcoin project?
00:50:51 – Using Bitcoin as native currency
00:56:51 – How Bitcoin changed Gabriel’s life
01:19:00 – How to get in touch with Gabriel