DEBNK: Building Global Trustless Peer Banking on Top of Bitcoin
Ep. 41

DEBNK: Building Global Trustless Peer Banking on Top of Bitcoin

Episode description

My guests in this episode are Patrik Tjokorda, Josef Tětek and Tomas Marada, we met at the Hackers Congress in Prague. They are working on a project called DEBNK. Their goal is to build global peer banking on top of the bitcoin settlement layer. This trustless third layer on top of bitcoin will be able to store different assets and can make stablecoins obsolete. We talk about how this will be implemented, the use cases they see and about volatility and price discovery in bitcoin, the block subsidy, the halving and bitcoin in the Czech Republic. At the moment the development team is looking for grants to bootstrap the MVP, the minimal viable product. Patrik and Tomas just launched a bitcoin quant fund, that will also serve as funding vehicle for DEBNK later on.

We talk about

  • bitcoin will change how we cooperate as a society
  • 3rd layer on bitcoin – financialisation of bitcoin
  • storing different asset on bitcoin infrastructure
  • accounting assets on top of lightning channels
  • CFD contract for difference: Usecase derivatives
  • No need for stablecoins
  • Volatility and price discovery in bitcoin
  • PlanB, Stock to flow
  • BAKKT, derivatives space
  • Opting out of the system with bitcoin today
  • Personal privacy practises
  • “Bitcoins security budget is adequat for now” …Scroll down for video
  • Block subsidy and halving
  • Transaction density and Lightning Network
  • Bitcoin in the Czech Republic


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