Amiti Uttarwar: Developing Bitcoin - The Only Crypto Project With a Very Clear Goal
Ep. 62

Amiti Uttarwar: Developing Bitcoin - The Only Crypto Project With a Very Clear Goal

Episode description

In this week’s episode I had the pleasure to interview Amiti Uttarwar. She is one of the first female engineers contributing to the Bitcoin Core software. Amiti is working full time as a Core developer, focusing on the peer to peer aspect of the protocol. Her latest contribution is a pull request that improves wallet privacy. I enjoyed our chat a lot, because Amiti has a clear and concise way to communicate which had even a calming effect on me. Maybe her daily meditation practice is the reason for that.

“I definitely hope that we move towards a Bitcoin ecosystem that involves more women. I think it’s kind of absurd how few there currently are that I know about, in Bitcoin Core specifically. When I made my first contributions I didn’t know of any women contributors. And I just think that that’s ridiculous.” – Amiti Uttarwar

“I definitely don’t think right now, a particular group of people or a particular business entity has the ability to really have a disproportionate amount of influence on Bitcoin Core. But I also think, it would take a really big change that I can’t really imagine how it would happen in order for that to be occurring in the future.” – Amiti Uttarwar

We talk about

  • How different forms of money form expectations
  • The gift economy
  • Why she chose bitcoin and not another “crypto” project
  • Censorship resistance
  • Why privacy is important
  • What a PR is
  • Influencing the direction of Bitcoin development
  • Bitcoin Core releases
  • Her educational comics
  • How Bitcoin developers are getting paid
  • Her message to women in Bitcoin
  • Diversity in Bitcoin
  • Meditation