Alexandra Moxin: Bitcoin Changes the Power Dynamic - Back to the Individual
Ep. 40

Alexandra Moxin: Bitcoin Changes the Power Dynamic - Back to the Individual

Episode description

Alexandra Moxin is the host of the Advance Tech Podcast and a moderator at Bitcoin conferences, living in Vancouver in Canada. We met at the Baltic Honeybadger Conference in Riga back in September of 2019. Alexandra works for Microsoft as developer engagement lead for Azure and follows the developments in Bitcoin since 2017. We talk about why we are interested in bitcoin only, about podcasting, Bitcoin in Canada and learning resources for Bitcoin.

“Bitcoins biggest strength is, that its security is backed by so much power.” – Alexandra Moxin

“Bitcoin changes the power dynamic, it gives power back to the individual.” – Alexandra Moxin

“Bitcoin brings back critical thinking.” – Alexandra Moxin

“Bitcoin rips off the rose-coloured glasses with force in a non violent way.” – Alexandra Moxin

Our topics:

  • Why Bitcoin-only
  • Cypherpunks
  • Podcasting
  • Privacy and Fungibility
  • Bitcoin in Canada
  • Being uncomfortable and an outsider
  • Places where bitcoin is needed most
  • decentralized conference
  • MOOC University of Nicosia
  • Control of your money
  • Low time preference


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