Abe Cambridge: Invest in Solar Powered Bitcoin
Ep. 104

Abe Cambridge: Invest in Solar Powered Bitcoin

Episode description

My guest is Abe Cambridge, the founder and CEO of Sun Exchange, the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. We’re discussing how to transition the world away from fossil fuels and towards solar power, the most deployable, affordable and accessible type of renewable energy. In combination with a decentralized money like Bitcoin it is possible to open up owning solar cells and earning from it to anyone for as little as 5 USD. Abraham Cambridge has an academic background in climate change science. Through his studies, it became alarmingly clear that climate change presents the most imminent threat to humanity.

“Sun Exchange allows micro ownership of the solar panels. And there were children in the Stellenbosch Waldorf school who were purchased solar panels by their parents. And they’re earning Bitcoin once per month from them. So you’ve got kids who are growing up, earning Bitcoin, powering their own school and know that solar energy works.” – Abe Cambridge

2. The #Bitcoin network mines 900 BTC per day from 0.213 TWh of energy. 900 BTC can finance 70MW of solar power plant. 70MW of solar will generate 2.651 TWh of electricity. That’s 12 times as much energy as it took to mine the BTC in the first place, which still exists. #Magic.

— abecambridge (@abecambridge) March 10, 2021

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3. Spend 0.5% of the #bitcoin market cap on 51.85 GWp of solar power, and you’ll meet the annual 77.782 TWh energy needs of the #bitcoin mining network. #letsdoitalready

— abecambridge (@abecambridge) March 10, 2021

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Our topics:

  • Abe Cambridge’s background
  • Why Bitcoin matters
  • Sun Exchange – peer-to-peer solar leasing platform
  • How it works, achievements
  • Future of solar power, costs, efficiency
  • Bitcoin mining – an ecological problem?
  • Nhimbe Fresh, the biggest crowdfunding in Africa so far

“The fact is that solar panels are silicon chips that produce electricity, which can be sold for money. And Bitcoin is just a silicon chip that produces money when it’s fed with electricity. So they’re really very parallel things. And the fact that the solar energy network is decentralized, it’s embedded, anybody can become a solar power generator or producer, and likewise, anyone can join a Bitcoin mining pool and start to create their own currency will hold a Bitcoin wallet and be their own bank. These two worlds are really parallel with each other. They are symbols off of the 21st century. As we see it.” – Abe Cambridge