Aaron van Wirdum “It’s Bitcoin or Bust.”
Ep. 08

Aaron van Wirdum “It’s Bitcoin or Bust.”

Episode description

Aaron van Wirdum is a technical editor for the Bitcoin Magazine. He started writing articles debunking Bitcoin myths in his personal blog in 2013.

We are talking about

  • the value propositions of Bitcoin,
  • why he believes it is Bitcoin or bust,
  • the privacy improvements in Bitcoin and Lightning and
  • which effects “Cryptocurrencies” issued by central banks or “Facebook coins” could have.

Recorded at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in January 2019.

“The whole blockchain narrative, the whole cryptocurrency sphere is leading on Bitcoin.”

– Aaron van Wirdum

“Bitcoin is the most interesting and important thing going on in this industry. If Bitcoin would fail, it would remove all trust in the industry.”

– Aaron van Wirdum

Every year that passes by and Bitcoin does not die is a year of added trust that it won’t die.”

– Aaron van Wirdum

“It’s Bitcoin or bust. Either Bitcoin succeeds or we all fail.”

– Aaron van Wirdum


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Aaron van Wirdum “It’s Bitcoin or Bust.”

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